Warranty Extension Programme

Free 2-year extension on your warranty when you submit a Google Review with a photo!

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How Do I Participate?

Follow these simple steps & share your electric desk or ergonomic chair setup on Google! 

Take a cool photo/ video of your desk/ chair setup

Click the yellow button directly below & submit your review on Google

Copy the post URL & submit your information via the form located below

Qualifying Products
The Warranty Extension Programme is available for orders made through takeAseat.my website/ any of our takeAseat.my showrooms & for the selected products as indicated below only.

Electric Standing Desk: VIGOR series

Ergonomics Chair: SAIL™ series, SPRING series & FLY

Terms & Conditions

Upon submission in the takeAseat.my Warranty Extension programme, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. takeAseat.my reserves the right to change any terms and conditions of the warranty extension program at its sole discretion. takeAseat.my’s decisions are final and binding on all aspects of this program.
  2. You give takeAseat.my permission and license to use your content for marketing purposes, including without limitation to the takeAseat.my and takeAseat.sg websites, social media platforms, newsletter, other customer communication channels, Google advertising platform and with our partners.
  3. Your content may be used to advertise and promote takeAseat brand. Our license to your content lasts for an indefinite period.
  4. This warranty is only extendable once per item per order. (If you buy 2 items, you will have to send at least 2 links)
  5. The Warranty Extension programme is available for orders made through takeAseat.my website or any of our takeAseat.my showrooms from 01 Jan 2021 onwards.
  6. The Warranty Extension programme is available for selected products only as indicated below:
    a. VIGOR Electric Standing Desk
    b. SAIL™ Basic Ergonomic Chair
    c. SAIL™ Basic Ergonomic Chair With Legrest
    d. SAIL™ Luxury Ergonomic Chair
    e. SAIL™ Luxury Ergonomic Chair With Legrest
    f. SPRING Luxury Ergonomic Chair
    g. SPRING Luxury Ergonomic Chair With Legrest
    h. FLY Ergonomic Chair
  7. Submission for other products that are not in the list above will not be eligible for the warranty extension.
  8. Under the Warranty Extension programme;
    a. Electric standing desk warranty will be extended by 2 years against mechanism (frame, motor system, circuit board, control keypad).
    b. Ergonomic chair warranty will be extended by 2 years against frame and 2 years against mechanism.