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Ergonomic Chair

Sail Chair Malaysia
"Fantastic value for a new chair. Great support for the back while I work. Perfect for local weather. Well done. I hope the mesh material will be long lasting!"
Thomas Chua
"Thanks for the swift delivery! Bought 2 chairs and both are in great condition, love it!"
"Great product and very efficient service from ordering to delivery."


"We have a really great example of a nice chair that does a good job in supporting the natural curvature that you have in your spine.. It is important to get a chair that is adjustable in as many ways as possible!"
Dr. Steve
Chiropractor, Chiropractic Singapore

The Award-Winning Ergonomic Chair

The Sail Basic ergonomic chair is our flagship, award-winning ergonomic chair that features a unique design. It is made of high-quality, Korean made mesh and is preferable given the hot and humid climate in Singapore. It  also has several adjustable features such as the adjustable headrest, armrests that can be adjusted in 4 different directions, an adjustable seat depth as well as an adjustable backrest. These features allow the chair to be adjusted to fit different body shapes and sizes.


Sail Chair Malaysia

Adjustable Headrest

The adjustable headrest can be adjusted in angle and height to better support your neck and head area to prevent neck pain.

Sail Chair Malaysia

Adjustable Armrests

The 4D adjustable armrests offer different adjustments such as the height, depth and diagonal. It provides extra comfort and can help to prevent arm discomfort.

Sail Chair Malaysia

Flexible Lumbar Support

The flexible lumbar support is specifically designed to fit your spine and ease pressure off your back.  It conforms to your body shape, giving you comfortable support to your lower back.

Sail Chair Malaysia

Adjustable Seat Depth

The seat depth can be adjusted to suit different body profiles.

Sail Chair Malaysia

Adjustable Backrest

The height-adjustable backrest moves in tandem with the flexible lumbar support so that it can suit different body profiles.

Sail Chair Malaysia

Quality Korean Mesh

The mesh is made of a combination of Polyester and Polyelastomer, which makes it comfortable for long hours of sitting as well as its durability.

Sail Chair Malaysia

Aluminium Frame & Class 3 Hydraulic

The aluminum leg frame and Class 3 hydraulic gas lift provides stability and durability, with the chair having a maximum weight load up to 120 Kg.

2 Year Warranty & SGS Certified

The SailChair™ comes with a 2 year warranty and is SGS certified.