How Can One Chair Design Fit Everyone Ergonomically?

All of us comes in different shapes and sizes – some taller, some smaller – so if everyone is different, how can one chair design fit everyone ergonomically? Even though it’s adjustable, can it really fit you comfortably? That’s why we have a wide range of ergonomic office chairs for you to choose from, to your perfect fit.

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C37 Office Chair

From RM289

m20 Office Chair

From RM649

SAIL Basic Ergonomic Chair

From RM1499

SAIL Luxury Ergonomic Chair

From RM2099

Executive Office Chairs

Wide range of executive office chairs for both home and office use. 
Low and high back office chairs with different designs for you to choose from.

C37 Office Chair

From RM289

J30 Office Chair

From RM459

m20 Office Chair

From RM649

M19 Office Chair

From RM899

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Improve your sitting posture with our fully adjustable ergonomic office chairs.
Providing you comfortable support even when sitting for long hours.

Vision Ergonomic Chair

From RM289

XTON Ergonomic Chair

From RM1099

Sail Basic Ergonomic Chair

From RM1499

Sail Basic With Legrest

From RM1649

Office Chair Malaysia

Your Sitting Posture Can Have A Significant Impact

Have you ever felt yourself having a stiff neck, shoulders and back pain after a long day at work? Research has shown that sitting for a prolonged period of time can do harm to your health.

Considering the amount of time we spend sitting in front of a desk each day, it is essential in getting an good office chair that can better support our sitting posture throughout the day. We often tend to forget to sit in a correct posture while doing our work.

Having an good office chair can help keep our posture straight without having to remind ourselves all the time. An good office chair also have features that better support our body which can help prevent sitting-related injuries.