Unparalleled Comfort and Productivity,
The ErgoPrime Ergonomic Chair

ErgoPrime Chair

Escape the strain of long desk hours and elevate your focus! Introducing the game-changing ErgoPrime Ergonomic Chair – where supreme comfort and support redefine your work experience.

Step into a realm of sitting perfection with the ErgoPrime Ergonomic Chair – meticulously crafted to revolutionize your workspace. Bid farewell to discomfort and welcome unparalleled relaxation and productivity, starting at just $359 for non-legrest version!

Unrivaled Seating Experience

ErgoPrime Chair
Indulge in the plush embrace of the ErgoPrime Chair, a fusion of innovation and relaxation. Tailored to hug your body’s contours with dynamic lumbar support, this chair promises a unique experience. Whether it’s a day of focused work or a moment of unwinding, the ErgoPrime Chair is your passport to ergonomic bliss, featuring a retractable legrest for that extra touch of comfort.
ErgoPrime Chair

Dynamic Lumbar Support

At the essence of the ErgoPrime Ergonomic Chair lies dynamic lumbar support, a revolutionary feature that seamlessly adjusts to your body’s contours, ensuring unparalleled comfort throughout your day.

ErgoPrime Chair

Adjustable Headrest

Experience the epitome of convenience with the adjustable headrest — a testament to our commitment to enhancing your comfort. Providing neck and head support while keeping your coat within arm’s reach, we redefine functionality for your ultimate convenience

ErgoPrime Chair

4D Adjustable Armrests

Tailor your comfort with our ErgoPrime’s 4D adjustable armrests, allowing you to customize the perfect fit for your arms and shoulders, ensuring relaxation and support throughout your entire workday.

ErgoPrime Chair

Adjustable Seat Depth​

Seamlessly enhance your seating comfort with the adjustable seat depth, ensuring optimal support without compromising circulation at your knees.

ErgoPrime Chair

Ergonomic Levers

Experience ergonomic control at your fingertips with our strategically placed adjustment levers. Designed for convenience, these levers are within easy reach, allowing you to effortlessly customize your chair’s settings and tailor your comfort.

ErgoPrime Chair

Retractable Legrest

Unwind and elevate your comfort with the retractable legrest. Effortlessly retreat into relaxation at any moment as this innovative feature allows you to retract the legrest with ease, providing the flexibility to adapt your seating to your every need.

Available In Different Versions

We understand that personal preferences vary, and everyone deserves a chair that suits their unique style and comfort needs. That’s why we proudly offer our ErgoLuxe chairs in four distinct designs, each tailored to meet your specific requirements.


ErgoPrime With Legrest

Whether you’re looking for a basic chair or one with the convenience of a legrest, we have the perfect chair for you.

Looking For Alternatives?

Not seeing what you like or is the ErgoPrime chair over your budget? Fret not! We have a wide range of executive and ergonomic chairs for you to choose from.

ErgoLuxe Chair

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