The Standing Desk You Deserves

Sitting down for a long period of time will likely cause neck, backache and make your muscles and joints feel very stiff.

One of the radical solutions in preventing this is to use a electric standing desk or a sit stand desk converter where it give you the options to alternate between sitting and standing while you work. It can be used as a study table too.

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Always having to adjust your posture while at your desk? Your table should work to fit you, not the other way around. Consider an electric desk that lets you adjust to an optimal height with just a touch of a button and switch from sitting to standing at frequent intervals in order to prevent any sedentary sitting habits.

Adjust To Your Optimal Height In Seconds

Fixed height tables and hand-cranked standing desks are a relic of the past. With our electric desks, you can change the desk height at the push of a button effortlessly, see the current height of your table and save presets for easy switching between sitting and standing!

Whisper Motor Technology

Despite having powerful motors, our electric desks are whisper-quiet, operating with noise level of lower than 50db. They emit the faintest whirring noise when raising or lowering your desk, and you wouldn’t have to worry about waking anyone up if you’re using it at night.

Standing Desks

Switch between sitting and standing with our range of electric standing desks and sit stand desk converters.

ORION Electric Desk

From RM1099

VIGOR Electric Desk

From RM1999

Laptop Riser Plus

From RM499

Sit Stand Desk Converters

From RM799

ergonomic Accessories

Accessories such as monitor arms, fatigue mats and laptop stands that help you improve your office ergonomics and to maintain a proper posture while working or studying.

Type A Monitor Arm


Laptop Stand A1


Ergonomic Footrest


Anti Fatigue Mat

From RM199

Why Your Posture Matters

In these days, most of us spend at least 8 hours each day slouching and hunching into our chairs at the workplace with minimal movement. We often forget to pay attention to our postures while we focus on our work.

A poor posture can cause all sorts of problems that could have a huge impact on our overall health in the future. Hence, it is important for you to start adopting a correct posture.