SIMPLE Ergonomic Chair


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The Simple ergonomic chair is an award-winning ergonomic chair that features adjustable lumbar support. The fully ventilated ergonomic chair comes with several adjustable features such as an adjustable headrest, adjustable armrests and seat depth.

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SIMPLE Ergonomic Chair

The SIMPLE ergonomic chair is an award-winning ergonomic chair that features adjustable lumbar support & 4D armrests. The fully ventilated soft high quality mesh ergonomic chair comes with several adjustable features such as an adjustable headrest, adjustable armrests and seat depth.

The SIMPLE ergonomic chair’s lumbar support can be manually adjusted in height to provide optimal and comfortable support for your back.

The SIMPLE ergonomic chair is one of the more affordable chairs among our ergonomic chair range. Find out what is an ergonomic chair.



  • Mesh seat and mesh back
  • Headrest height and angle adjustment
  • Armrests adjustment in 4D
  • Seat height and depth adjustment
  • Lumbar support height adjustment
  • Lock and rock mechanism
  • Tilt tension adjustment
  • Maximum weight capacity 100 KG
  • Easy Self Setup



  • 2 year + 1 year warranty against mechanism (i.e. hydraulic gas lift) when you submit review



Simple Ergonomic Chair
Simple Ergonomic Chair

Simple Ergonomic ChairSimple Ergonomic ChairSimple Ergonomic ChairSimple Ergonomic ChairSimple Ergonomic Chair

1 review for SIMPLE Ergonomic Chair

  1. Luqmaan Sulaiman

    Invested quite some fortune to buy my first and only ergonomic chair, because I really appreciate its importance to health and work enjoyment. This chair to me is excellent in many aspects compared to regular chairs, but still had a lot more to improve.

    👍🏻 A) The Pros
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    1. So far it’s reliable and seems gonna be long-lasting. Been using it for almost 6 months now, still in very good condition. No signs of deterioration or change of properties.

    2. Stable and sturdy for real. The base parts are heavy, and their effects are twofold. Psychologically – boosts motivation and mood like using a heavy metal pen compared to a cheap plastic pen. Physically – it’s stable and safe (but be extra careful with your back when lifting during installation!).

    3. Really love the squishy padded armrests, which aren’t too soft either. Since the elbows are really important points to support the hands’ weights, where all the great activities are going on – typing on the keyboard, moving the mouse, picking up stuff, so good padding definitely avoids destroying your elbows.

    4. Great component adjustability as advertised. The backrest, the armrest, headrest, height, seat depth, all of which really do help contribute to comfort. Some of which I never thought I’d need because they really do bring such a difference!

    However, despite loving how it *can* be adjusted, I found how it *can’t* was significantly bugging too.

    🤔 B) The Cons
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    1. The headrest can’t be adjusted forward and backward, so my neck is struck there in that axis, in which it feels slightly out of neutral position. I can try to creatively adjust here and there, but basically, I can’t get the sweet spot that an ergonomic chair is expected to provide. In long hours, it’s rather micro-straining. So I actually remove the headrest seldom use it.

    2. The lumbar support is hard plastic. My lower spine is basically resting on a hard surface, and the discomfort is close to the definition of “hurt”. So I remove the lumbar support too and almost never use it at all.

    3. The seat curvature doesn’t suit me well when the seat is tucked into the shortest depth – I’d easily slide off forward from the seat. Never thought I’d be affected so much, but the seat depth is really adjusted a lot even though I’m the only one using it because the ideal depth changes with the back inclination – which I often change once in a while for comfort.

    4. The armrest is indeed 4D yes, but in the horizontal, it actually moves barely just a few cms. Not really helpful ergonomically. I’d need it to move much more than that to fit my physical size and posture.

    🔧 C) Improvement Suggestions
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    1. Make the headrest adjustable in the forward-backward direction
    2. Make the lumbar support soft padded like the armrest
    3. Make the seat tiltable
    4. Make the horizontal adjustment range much larger

    💎 D) Conclusion
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    I think you can rarely get ANY ergonomic chair without the flaws above, especially considering the price point. I’ve surveyed a bunch of chairs for some time before buying this one, and I think none within my affordance could truly satisfy my hopes.

    So, do I recommend this chair?
    -> If you have no problem affording it, go ahead. It’s much better than your normal plastic or cushion un-ergonomic chair.
    -> If not, better to spend more time surveying and trying different chairs out first.

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    Image #3 from Luqmaan Sulaiman
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