The Pinnacle of Comfort, ErgoLuxe Ergonomic Chair

ErgoLuxe Chair

Are long hours at your desk taking a toll on your body and focus? It’s time for an upgrade! Experience the epitome of comfort and support with our revolutionary ErgoLuxe Ergonomic Chair.

Unveiling a new era in sitting perfection, this chair has been meticulously crafted to redefine how you work and sit. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a world of unparalleled relaxation and productivity from just $299!

Unparalleled Comfort and Support, From Just RM999

ErgoLuxe Chair
Settle into the luxurious comfort of the ErgoLuxe Chair, where innovation meets relaxation. Our chair is uniquely designed to embrace your body’s contours, offering an experience like no other. Whether you’re working long hours or simply unwinding, the ErgoLuxe Chair is your ticket to ergonomic bliss.
ErgoLuxe Chair

Comfortable Lumbar Support

At the core of the ErgoLuxe chair is the promise of optimal comfort. With its thoughtfully engineered design, this chair cradles your body in a way that makes you forget you’re sitting.

ErgoLuxe Chair

Adjustable Headrest

The adjustable headrest with a built-in coat hanger is a testament to our commitment to your convenience. It not only supports your neck and head but also keeps your coat within arm’s reach.

ErgoLuxe Chair

4D Adjustable Armrests

 The 4D adjustable armrests can be customized to your liking, ensuring that your arms and shoulders stay relaxed throughout your workday.

ErgoLuxe Chair

Adjustable Backrest Height

Enjoy the luxury of personalized lumbar support with four adjustable backrest levels. Tailor your chair’s backrest to your liking and enjoy the added benefit of comfortable lumbar support.

ErgoLuxe Chair

Adjustable Seat Depth

Conveniently slide the seat back and forth with the pull of a lever. The seat depth adjustment enables you to access proper support from the chair back without cutting off circulation at your knees, allowing for well-rested legs.

ErgoLuxe Chair

Fully Mesh Design

Stay cool and comfortable with our fully mesh design, promoting airflow for a refreshing day at the office and keeping you cool and comfortable during even the longest work sessions.

ErgoLuxe Chair

Built-In Coat Hanger

With the ErgoLuxe Chair’s innovative coat hanger, you can keep your coat, jacket, or bag within arm’s reach, allowing you to stay organized and focused on your tasks. No more scrambling to find a place to hang your belongings, or worse, draping them over your chair and compromising your comfort.

Available In Different Versions

We understand that personal preferences vary, and everyone deserves a chair that suits their unique style and comfort needs. That’s why we proudly offer our ErgoLuxe chairs in four distinct designs, each tailored to meet your specific requirements.


ErgoLuxe With Legrest

ErgoLuxe Pro

ErgoLuxe Pro With Legrest

Whether you’re looking for the convenience of a legrest or added luxury, we have the perfect chair for you.

Looking For Alternatives?

Not seeing what you like or is the ErgoLuxe chair over your budget? Fret not! We have a wide range of executive and ergonomic chairs for you to choose from.

ErgoLuxe Chair

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