ergobag is the leading kids ergonomic school bag brand in Europe and it was started by four friends in 2010. When they first launched, the focus was ergonomic school bags for primary school children, with teenagers and adults backpack added subsequently. The design of ergobag school bags is unique as they combine ergonomic principles of trekking backpacks with everything required for a primary kids ergonomic school bag. An ergonomic school bag is especially important for kids in Singapore because they have to carry more and more textbooks to school each year. A child may develop poor posture if the school bag they carry is heavy and poorly positioned bag. This increases the risk of neck and back pain too. The ergobag school bags are specially designed by distributing the weight so as to reduce the strain on your child’s back. ergobag is also considered as the school bags for primary school kids and it is suitable for height of up to 1.5m.

  • ergobag Prime Backpack BearRexergobag Prime Backpack BearRex
  • ergobag Prime Backpack TaekBeardoergobag Prime Backpack TaekBeardo
  • ergobag Prime Backpack AtmosBearergobag Prime Backpack AtmosBear
  • ergobag Prime Backpack Beargasusergobag Prime Backpack Beargasus