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Most of us spend a large part of our day sitting in front of a desk. Hence, sitting in a correct posture is pivotal in order to avoid neck & backache. Having an ergonomic chair will also help you to keep your posture correct without having to hear your body scream about it all the time.

Dubbed as the improved Sail Series Ergonomic Chair 2.0, the Sapphire Luxury ergonomic chair offers a wide range of adjustments to ensure you get the most comfortable experience possible.


World One Task Chair

Work-From-Home Exclusive

The most minimal, yet fully functional task chair ever made


#1 ranking chair with award winning features that you deserved


Unbounded movement with rim-less back design


Designed to deliver comfortable support where you need it most

Limited budget?

We Got You Covered

Explore 5 star review of our mid range series


SIRIO Electric Standing Desk

The game changing desk that changes the way you work & play

Exercise At Your Desk

Combat a sedentary lifestyle and get active now!

Xiaomi Kingsmith A1 WalkingPad Treadmill

Xiaomi Kingsmith K12 2-In-1 Treadmill

Yesoul M1 Spin Bike

Did You Know

The Importance Of Kids Ergonomics

proper study space for children is necessary to prevent them from developing any health issues arising from bad posture. Spending long hours sitting in front of a study desk which is not aligned to your child’s body can greatly affect their posture.

Our kids ergonomic study table will help you provide your kid with a fully comfortable study environment, addressing all your child’s need and producing a space for effective learning.


Exclusive Design With Precision

Study table & chair that grows with your little one

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Without Losing Out On Quality

Ergonomic products from other brands are usually marked up because of distribution, marketing and retail expenses.

At, we offer our ergonomic products at an competitive pricing to you without middleman cost or retail expenses so that every dollar you spend with us is well worth it.


"Fantastic value for a new chair. Great support for the back while I work. Perfect for local weather. Well done. I hope the mesh material will be long lasting!"
Victor Tan
"The SAIL Basic ergonomic chair is very good value for money. The seating feels even better than those gaming chairs that I have tried before."
Halim H.
"The electric standing desk with superior build quality. It is very stable & sturdy with adjustable features. I am no longer worried my toddler would make a mess on my workstation ever again!"
YH Lee

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